“Page 3 photographer! Chocolate tester!” Find out which jobs are truly the best in the world….

“Page 3 photographer! Chocolate tester!” Find out which jobs are truly the best in the world….

Is your dream to be an international playboy, top footballer, supermodel or successful pop star? According to Glassdoor, the best jobs in reality are much less exciting.
Their list, based on career opportunities, potential salary, and the number of job openings, is the über-normal 'marketing manager'. Sounding even less likely to be the role everyone desires, Glassdoor lists 'finance director' at number two.

Perhaps the most manual role featured in their top ten is at number three: 'mechanical engineer'. Here's the rest:

4. Sales manager
5. Business analyst
6. IT manager
7. Civil engineer
8. Product manager
9. Lawyer
10. Software engineer

YouGov conducted similar research, with interesting results. From their survey, the top three jobs most coveted by the UK population are: 1) author (60%); 2) librarian (54%); and an academic (51%). It would seem from this that the majority of us are book lovers, or we're certainly keen to continually learn. Correlation between YouGov's poll and Glassdoor's findings shows that 'lawyer' is the only role to appear in both top ten lists.

Gender stereotypes were more likely to be confirmed than diminished in YouGov's survey – men were more likely to aspire to be astronauts and train drivers than interior designers or librarians, the latter preferred predominantly by women.

As to what makes 'the best job' has been the subject of various studies. One theory suggests that there are three separate elements that, when combined, make a role particularly covetable.

1) Matches our skills: The best roles are those that we're confident we can carry out, but which also challenge us at the same time.
2) Makes a difference: We don't have to be working for Greenpeace to believe we're having some sort of impact. Believing that what we do, day to day, is valued, is crucial.
3) Palatable colleagues: Working for a boss that we respect, and with colleagues we like, makes any job more enjoyable. A good environment makes for happier employees.

So there you have it. No water-slide testers or sex toy quality controllers in sight. Though many of us may feel a slight mood dip each Monday morning, it's quite possible that we're already working in our 'dream job'.

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