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Unless otherwise stated, the following features come as standard with all our recruitment agency sites. All features can be turned on or off to suit your specific requirements. Hopefully you will find everything you require but if there is something missing, give us a call! We will always consider suggestions that can be implemented within our price structure.

Click the titles below to learn more about our extensive feature list.

Including GDPR Compliance

Content Management

tick_icon_small_C   Simple to use content management system
tick_icon_small_C   Add, edit and remove team member profiles
tick_icon_small_C   Add, edit and remove web pages
tick_icon_small_C   Add, edit and remove news
tick_icon_small_C   Add, edit and remove blog articles

GDPR Compliance

1) Positive Opt-In & Verifiable Consent
2) Withdrawal of Consent
3) Pseudonimisation of Data
4) Data Breach Reporting Protocol
5) Data Portability & Data Access Requests
6) Erasure of Data
7) Cookies Consent

Job Postings

tick_icon_small_C   Upload unlimited job postings
tick_icon_small_C   Mark jobs as "Featured"
tick_icon_small_C   Display featured jobs on specific pages
tick_icon_small_C   Showcase featured jobs on job search section
tick_icon_small_C   Unlimited consultant logins
tick_icon_small_C   Add company logo(s) to job postings
tick_icon_small_C   Add filtering questions to job postings
tick_icon_small_C   Add jobs to multiple sectors, job types and locations
tick_icon_small_C   Add currencies
tick_icon_small_C   More jobs from this consultant / company
tick_icon_small_C   Link Job Apply to external website if required
tick_icon_small_C   Expired jobs remain in search engines for ranking purposes
tick_icon_small_C   Show consultant information and bio on job

Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive Integration

tick_icon_small_C   Candidates can upload their CV from Dropbox to add it to the account or apply for jobs
tick_icon_small_C   When searching the CV database, recruiters can save suitable CVs to Dropbox or Google Drive
tick_icon_small_C   Applications on all devices including from Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive

Searching Jobs

tick_icon_small_C   Search for jobs by keyword
tick_icon_small_C   Search for jobs by keyword using Boolean
tick_icon_small_C   Search for jobs by sector, area, salary, type & reference
tick_icon_small_C   Did you mean? Spelling correction
tick_icon_small_C   Setup multiple jobs by email based on search results
tick_icon_small_C   Up to three tier locations i.e. Country, Region, City
tick_icon_small_C   Up to two tier sections i.e. IT, IT - Web Design

Job Backfilling

tick_icon_small_C   Auto-populates your website with jobs from Indeed, SimplyHired, Jobg8 and XML, increasing the volume of opportunities available to your visitors.

CV / Candidate Database

tick_icon_small_C   Search CV database by keywords using Boolean
tick_icon_small_C   Keyword highlighting
tick_icon_small_C   Search CV database by sector, locations, skills, salary & more
tick_icon_small_C   Search uploaded CV data in real-time (doc, docx, pdf, txt, rtf, odt)
tick_icon_small_C   Search potential candidates by postcode radius (UK)
tick_icon_small_C   Preview CVs and videos before downloading
tick_icon_small_C   View candidates location and directions to job on a map
tick_icon_small_C   View candidate activity - last logged in, last updated CV etc
tick_icon_small_C   Send Email or SMS to candidates (sms costs apply)
tick_icon_small_C   CVs by email (setup email alerts for CVs matching your criteria)
tick_icon_small_C   Request that candidates update their online information - alert when this has been completed

Job Wrapping

tick_icon_small_C   Extracts job data from any web page and accurately posts the jobs to your website using taxonomy to match the job categories, locations, job types etc.

Candidate Area

tick_icon_small_C   Manage profile information
tick_icon_small_C   Upload CV / Video CV (avi,divx,mov,mpg,wmv,mkv,mp4,flv)
tick_icon_small_C   Manage job alerts
tick_icon_small_C   Track application history
tick_icon_small_C   Social bookmarking of jobs
tick_icon_small_C   Close your account

User Account Migration

tick icon small C   User accounts can be migrated from your existing website to our platform. Your users will receive a welcome email confirming their account details and asking them to log in and update their profile on the new site.

Search Engine Optimisation

tick_icon_small_C   Search engine friendly URLs as standard site-wide
tick_icon_small_C   Automatic landing pages for all sectors and locations
tick_icon_small_C   Archived jobs retained and visable by search engines
tick_icon_small_C   Tailored meta data - page titles, keywords & descriptions
tick_icon_small_C   Automatic Google XML sitemap
tick_icon_small_C   Embedded Recruitment Micro Data
tick_icon_small_C   Automatic submission of new content to Google, Yahoo, Bing

Job Applications & CV upload

tick_icon_small_C Make job applications with or without an account
tick_icon_small_C Track application history
tick_icon_small_C Manage profile
tick_icon_small_C Upload CV and job requirements
tick_icon_small_C Upload Video CV (optional)

Integration and XML Job Posting

tick_icon_small_C   Broadbean / Ad Courier Integration (including Aplitrak)
tick_icon_small_C   Remote CV database search compatible (BroadbeanSearch / LogicMelon Multi CV Search)
tick_icon_small_C   idibu Integration
tick_icon_small_C   Logic Melon Integration
tick_icon_small_C   Jobg8 Integration (Buying and Selling Applications)
tick_icon_small_C   Jobmate Integration
tick_icon_small_C   Any software / middleware can post to your website using our API
tick_icon_small_C   Import jobs from XML feeds both by http link and FTP

CRM Integration

tick_icon_small_C Auto export all CVs weekly or monthly to your CRM parsing email address
tick_icon_small_C We will do CRM integration if this is required, please call us to discuss

Works on ALL devices

tick_icon_small_C   We automatically detect the size and resolution of your visitors screen
tick_icon_small_C   Our responsive design adjusts to fit the screen for optimum usability
tick_icon_small_C   Works seamlessly on mobiles, tablets, PCs, Notebooks and more
tick_icon_small_C   Applications on all devices including from Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive

LinkedIn / Facebook / Indeed Integration

tick_icon_small_C   Sign up / Login with LinkedIn account or Facebook account
tick_icon_small_C   Link existing account with LinkedIn or Facebook for future logins
tick_icon_small_C   Apply with Indeed integration
tick_icon_small_C   Register with LinkedIn to apply integration

Email Reminders

tick_icon_small_C   Auto emails to candidates who have not logged in for a while
tick_icon_small_C   Auto emails to candidates who have not activated their account during the registration process
tick_icon_small_C   Auto removal of accounts that have not been activated after 60 days

Auto Posting to Social Networks

tick_icon_small_C   Auto post new jobs, blogs and news to your Facebook page
tick_icon_small_C   Auto post new jobs, blogs and news to your Twitter page
tick_icon_small_C   Auto post new jobs, blogs and news to your LinkedIn profile
tick_icon_small_C   Auto post new jobs, blogs and news to your LinkedIn company page
tick_icon_small_C   Auto post new blogs and news to your Tumblr profile
tick_icon_small_C   Get clicks, followers and post statistics and engagements

Traffic Management & KPI Monitoring

tick_icon_small_C   Full Google Analytics integration for comprehensive traffic measurement and analysis
tick_icon_small_C   Built-In KPI tracking panel


tick_icon_small_C   Maintain a presence for multiple brands and sectors with our Multisites.


tick_icon_small_C   Allow candidates to apply on any device from anywhere.

Document Manager

tick_icon_small_C Powerful permissions system
tick_icon_small_C Remote or local storage
tick_icon_small_C Full statistics
tick_icon_small_C Useful to offer simple uploading or downloading of documents such as timesheets or terms of business

Email Marketing

tick_icon_small_C   Auto export all candidates to MailChimp or iContact

Advanced Hosting, Backup & Site Security

tick_icon_small_C Block unwanted countries from site access
tick_icon_small_C Block unwanted automated applications with ReCapcha
tick_icon_small_C Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers available
tick_icon_small_C Daily backup of entire website and its databases
tick_icon_small_C Advanced firewalls protect from known spammers, hackers, job robots and more

Email Customisation and Deliverability

tick_icon_small_C Full HTML emails with your branding for all email alerts
tick_icon_small_C Change wording in all emails within our CMS
tick_icon_small_C All emails are sent through the Purple API which is white-listed with every ISP for maximum email deliverability

Credit/Debit Card Payment Processing

tick_icon_small_C Allow candidates/clients to make credit/debit card payments
tick_icon_small_C Allow candidates/clients to make paypal payments
Please ask for more information

Export vacancies to Job Crawlers (feeds supplied as standard)

tick_icon_small_C   XML Feed for Indeed
tick_icon_small_C   XML Feed for JobisJob
tick_icon_small_C   XML Feed for Workhound
tick_icon_small_C   XML Feed for Simply Hired
tick_icon_small_C   XML Feed for Career Builder
tick_icon_small_C   XML Feed for Jobg8
tick_icon_small_C   Additional feeds are available

Compatible with:broadbean compatible recruitment websites

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idibu compatible recruitment websites