Social media is where the jobs are…

Social media is where the jobs are…

That’s what millennials believe. A recent report shows that a whopping 73% of them found their most recent position via social media.

Given how much their generation uses their smartphones and the length of time the internet has been in their lives, it’s perhaps no surprise that this is the case.

The capacity available for words within posts on most social media platforms don’t allow for much detail when describing job roles; the vast majority will link back to the recruiter’s website, which typically provides further information about the particular position.

As an agency, you may pay a lot of attention to your social media, in the knowledge that this is where most of your traffic comes from.

Do you, however, pay the same attention to your website?

First impressions

A candidate, with only a brief description of the job to go on, may not have given much thought about the recruiter. When directed via a link to their website, however, if it’s outdated, cluttered; if it’s confusing how to apply for the position; if it has functionality issues (such as no option to save an application form in the middle of completion); if it doesn’t reflect the role’s sector (e.g. the job is a creative role but the recruiter’s website looks uninspiring or like the Romans designed it); if there are lots of banal stock photos…these are things that could put millennials off applying for the job, which won’t go down well with your clients. An investment into your website is an investment into the whole business.

Fast Recruitment Websites specialise in recruitment website design. We work with many, many recruitment agencies, and we know what candidates expect to see in this day and age, as well as what a recruiter’s website needs to incorporate if it’s to realise a financial return for the agency.

Millennials make up more than a third of the workforce currently, and this figure will increase to three-quarters within the next decade. They’re far more savvy as a group than previous generations, with pre-existing expectations about roles—and the recruiter advertising it.


They want to feel energised and inspired by roles, particularly those that contribute to their career path. They want to see fairness, the promotion of diversity (almost half of millennials are not Caucasian), and that the recruiter and employer in question promote similar values and ethics to them. Some of these aspects are more important to this generation than a specific role’s salary; however, everyone has bills that need to be paid, whatever their principles.


Millennials want to feel understood rather than sold to, which turns the old ways of marketing on their head. This is one huge reason why your website should be up to date and in line with how job-searching plays out today. Millennials are adept and comfortable with tech, so it makes sense for a recruiter to demonstrate the same competency when trying to attract them. Mobile is a huge part of this; and any recruitment agency’s website that isn’t optimised for mobile would seem like a dinosaur to them. It doesn’t make business sense to not move with the times.


There’s a lot of background checking in recruitment today—the provision of official documents showing a candidate’s right to work, proof of identity, and a host of other certification. Snail mail isn’t an option in 2021, and even emailing these to a recruiter would seem out of touch nowadays; millennials would expect a recruitment agency to have direct upload functionality on their website for the purpose of forwarding necessary documentation.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic created a huge ripple in the job market, and whilst there are some sectors still flooded, i.e. where the ratio of candidates to the number of available jobs is overwhelming, there are reports that some industries are returning to pre-pandemic levels—where the sector’s respective job market has returned to being candidate-led. In these industries, having an optimised, well-designed and effortlessly functional website will help a recruitment agency move ahead of their competitors.

If you’d like a review of your website, and an objective view of whether it would appear attractive to millennials looking for their next role, give us a call on 01302 247010.

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