Mind The Gap: More than half of UK vacancies taking over a month to fill...

Mind The Gap: More than half of UK vacancies taking over a month to fill...

It appears there's currently no quick turnover in the recruitment industry, given the findings of research recently released. The same survey went on to report that 27% of positions remain open for three months until they're no longer vacant.

The downside is not just extra recruitment manpower that these vacancies require before they're taken, compared to openings that are filled quickly, but also the wider impact 'empty desks' have. Jobs that take more than a month to attract a successful candidate represent a combined loss of more than £18bn per year.

So, what's the reason for such drawn-out job openings? A lack of skilled staff? No impetus to recruit in a still-shaky economy? No clear strategy when it comes to recruiting the right person for the role? Though it's been a while since there's been an abundance of jobs and fewer people seeking them, is this any more favourable a predicament?

Losing £18bn a year may make UK businesses realise the importance of effective, efficient recruitment. For recruitment agencies, getting the right candidate for the right vacancy is perhaps more prevalent, in light of the financial black hole any role contributes to if not filled quickly, or if the job and applicant are a poor match; the wider impact affects us all.

Different industries reported more 'empty desks' than others, with the wholesale and retail sector being the most notorious for unfilled vacancies. Indeed SVP Paul D'Arcy commented, "For today's job seekers, these are positive conditions, however, at around £18 billion per year, the cost of unfilled roles should serve as a wake-up call to UK businesses developing recruitment strategies in a post-recession environment."

This should signify an opportunity for forward thinking, strategic agencies – particularly those that can offer a proven track record for timely take-up of roles by perfect candidates.

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