Many looking to gain plan to retrain…

Many looking to gain plan to retrain…

A new survey from finance company Pay4Later has shown that 23% of the population are not just looking to change their company, but to change their job altogether, through retraining. A huge number, particularly when you realise this represents 10.9 million people.

The commitment from those looking to learn new skills and take control of their career was high, with over half prepared to fund any associated costs themselves.

The sector within which most were hoping to retrain was healthcare, with some 22% of health workers surveyed – representing 2.34 million – planning such a move within the next three years. Compare that with employees from the beauty industry – only 2%, 229,000, felt that they wanted a complete change.

Education was another prominent sector; 18% of teaching staff plan to retrain, whilst 12% of those working in the financial sector are keen to do the same.

Geographically, it's perhaps no surprise to learn that 38% of Londoners crave new skills and different opportunities. Those living in Wales, according to the survey, appeared to be the most settled, with only 16% looking at retraining opportunities.

Looking at the ages of those making plans to retrain, 18-24 year olds were the most likely, with just under half of those interviewed planning a new career in a different industry. We could assume that this is down to the career longevity this age group has before them, compared with older employees more likely to be constrained by such as financial responsibilities that demand consistency and stability. However, considering 39% of 35-44 year olds also stated plans to retrain, this doesn't seem to be the case.

It isn't always job progression that sees people retrain, some employees swap roles/industries to gain a better work/life balance, or for the chance to alter their working pattern – to work from home, for example. Whatever the reason, as an agency, gathering information that details all suitable retraining opportunities and facilities in your locality will further help you steer your candidates in their next move.

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