Is Video Interviewing the future?

Is Video Interviewing the future?

Technology moves at lightning speed around us, affecting all industries and making tasks increasingly more efficient. Take the recent surge in popularity for video interviewing, as researched by Metashift (; they may depict it as an emerging trend, but will this tool ultimately make life better for recruiters?

There's no doubt it saves time, but for those looking to gauge a candidate's personality, video interviewing may prove more a hindrance than a help to some.

It could be argued that interaction via a screen brings a certain detachment. Coupled with the difficulty in reading the interviewee's body language, recruiters may struggle to get the true picture or 'feel' of the person they're interviewing than if they were physically sat in-front of them.

Despite this, as Metashift discovered, recruiters found their reduced costs, the uniformity of the process and the increased efficiency enough reason to fully engage this new initiative. Whether it realises longevity or not, there are enough fans of video interviewing - as part of the recruitment process - that means it won't be disappearing any time soon.

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