How creative is your recruitment strategy?

How creative is your recruitment strategy?

There are so many avenues and platforms nowadays, that searching every niche, nook and cranny for top talent can be a very time-consuming job. Traditional methods could also be easily overlooked with today's tech-savvy candidates, which is all the more reason to be creative in your approach.

Here are some tips for creative recruitment:

Add another filter to your shortlisting: once you've whittled down your list, invite those shortlisted to an open group event. Not everyone will show up, which will help you determine those with more commitment towards the role. Invite current employees along to the same event and watch how the candidates interact with them, and where there's the most synergy. A face-to-face group situation also allows you to drill deeper into each candidate's background, experience and skills, much more than via a written C.V.

Traditional job fairs may not be the best place to find talent. Rather than waiting for the next wave of talent to come to you, go and look at what's available in the marketplace. Social events and places of leisure can be hotbeds for talent, and visiting local businesses gives you a good idea of those looking for their next leg up and any undiscovered, exceptional talent. The same goes when online; don't just post an advert on traditional job boards, place them where your potential candidates hang out, such as relevant/niche forums.

Even social media platforms fluctuate in their popularity. Some recruiters are using Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr and Buzzfeed as a way of getting to the next generation of talent, rather than the more 'traditional' Facebook and Twitter. It's important, as a recruiter, to download these apps and know how to best use them before putting your creative strategy into practice, if you're looking to attract, not confuse potential candidates.

To attract talent already working in rival companies, you may have to use a completely different approach. Volkswagen distributed damaged cars to workshops across Germany, with a job advert on the underside of each vehicle, perfectly positioned for the mechanics tasked with mending the machines. A similarly creative initiative worked well for Quixey, a Silicon Valley startup similar to Facebook,

On the hunt for the country's top programmers. Their recruitment approach was to set a 60-second coding puzzle as part of a competition, alongside a cash prize. Not only did the winners get the cash, they were also headhunted by the firm, with many brought on board.

It doesn't matter which industry you're in, the best companies are those that adapt. If the best talent has already been snapped up, posting adverts on job boards is a redundant move if they're not actively looking for a job, as are job fairs and similar events. Moving your target elsewhere doesn't mean you can't still strike a direct hit, but you do have to know where your audience hangs out.

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