Responsive Recruitment Website Design

Responsive Recruitment Website Design

The Facts
Mobile devices now account for one fifth of global web traffic and this number is on the increase! ( 68 percent of job seekers are using their mobile device to search for jobs once a week or more. 3 in 5 job seekers has searched for jobs on their mobile device in the past year, and 30 percent search for jobs more than once a day from their phones (Glassdoor). If you are serious about making your recruitment website easily accessible to candidates wherever and whenever they wish to use it, your site needs to work effectively on multiple devices.

The Problem 
If you've ever used your phone to browse the web you will know that web-enabled phones simply display the full website on a small screen. Users have to zoom in and out to read different sections of the web page. Having to resize the site to read different parts and using small buttons that are intended for interaction with a mouse rather than for a finger on a touchscreen can cause frustration.

Our Solution
All our recruitment sites can now be developed using Responsive Web Design. This simply means that your website will adapt to the device being used to view it. We detect the size and resolution of your user's screen and use flexible images and fluid grids to make sure the site is displayed correctly whether on a mobile, tablet, PC, notebook and so on. This allows easy navigation and interaction for users and negates the need for a separate mobile website. So, we build the site once and it works seamlessly on hundreds of different screen types.

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