Recruitment websites in the age of the mobile….

Recruitment websites in the age of the mobile….

There are few businesses nowadays that can afford not to have a functional, attractive mobile

option complimenting their main website. The majority of us nowadays use our smartphones to

access the internet, so it's not surprising that initial searches for job vacancies take place on a mobile

phone. Statistics shows that 40% of job-hunting is carried out on a mobile, which exceeds that of

desktops PCs and laptops. The use of tablets has also increased exponentially; it's imperative your

site/pages look good across all sizes of screen.

Our attention spans are increasingly narrowing; if we haven't found the answer we're looking for

within a couple of seconds we look elsewhere, which makes a mobile site's navigation and

functionality paramount.

Given the competition between recruitment agencies, speed is also a benefit. That an agent can

liaise directly and instantly with applicants once a vacancy appears is one benefit, but mobility also

helps if the candidate in question is at work and discussion about their needs is difficult. When

surveyed, candidates cited convenience as the main reason they'd access an agency's site on a

mobile, with privacy and freedom close behind.

The need to offer an integrated service, with social media platforms a feature, appears to be

requisite for today's job-hunters. According to Indeed Web Based Recruitment, traffic levels to

agencies from mobiles can be as much as 30%. Without a mobile option, therefore, you're

effectively losing out on a third more business.

Engagement is key, and reports have shown that visitors can often drop off a website or click away

because they're not engaged with the content. A recent survey showed that all candidates expect

from a mobile site are brief details of the job on offer and who to call if they want to register their

interest. User experience and accessibility are crucial, which is where we come in: we can help you

see your business' digital touch points through the eyes of your clients and candidates.

Mobile design is crucial, to ensure the layout of your site on smaller screens is effective and lucid.

Simplicity is key, it's not the time to overload the user with reams of information. A clear vision of all

your sites and platforms, and how they work in conjunction with each other, is the first step.

To discuss how our responsive designs work on all mobile devices, and can help your business,

contact us for a free, no obligation chat on 01302 288591, or contact us via

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