Additional Benefits


Ongoing Software Updates

With an install base of over 300 recruitment companies, we regularly receive suggestions and ideas for new features or enhancements to our core platform.

Ongoing product development is at the heart of our business so we consider all suggestions and often implement them if we feel that the experience of our users will be improved.

Enhancements like this are made available to all clients as part of our hosting and maintenance agreement so you always benefit from the latest improvements.

In addition to client-led development, we are constantly innovating, looking at developments in the industry and monitoring our competitors to ensure our software remains at the cutting edge of this dynamic market.


UK-Based Support

We are located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and we believe in good, old fashioned customer service.

So, when you have a technical question (or any question for that matter), you will not be diverted to an overseas call centre or forced to send your question by email - a Yorkshireman will answer the phone!

Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. We also provide an out-of-hours mobile number for your peace of mind, should there ever be an emergency.


Future-Proof Technology

We were the first recruitment website design specialist in the UK to make our platform fully responsive for mobile and tablet users back in 2013. We were also the first in the UK to incorporate cloud based file selection into the job application process to enable users to apply for jobs from any device, anywhere, anytime.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to new developments in online recruitment. Having future proof technology is all about being flexible, innovative and responsive to changes in the market. This approach is a cornerstone of our business.


Built-in Analytics & SEO

Our system has been developed with search engine optimisation in mind from the ground up. Our clients can input and amend the metadata for any CMS page, any time. All jobs are posted on search engine friendly URLs to facilitate indexing and ranking. Meta data relating to the job posting is automatically generated by the site.

Via the dashboard, our clients can review job applications, job views, candidate registrations and much more. All the major KPIs are at your fingertips, helping you assess and monitor your site’s performance.

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